The Coast’s broke-ass student cook-off challenge

We made three chefs cook with the worst ingredients in your kitchen.




Eating well in university is like a suggested reading list: a lovely idea that will never, ever be put into action. For most students this year, “gourmet” will mean both butter and cream cheese on their bagel. The average student is simply too broke and too busy to be out shopping for epicurean delights. Besides, there’s no reason to spend money on fancy ingredients when those funds can be better used going out on the town.


Well The Coast is here to prove there’s another way. Inspired by a certain popular, televised cooking competition (rhymes with “slopped”), we gathered three of Halifax’s most audacious culinary minds. These gastric daredevils were challenged to transform simple ingredients into a sophisticated, elegant meal to please even the finickiest foodie.


In the glistening kitchen of Mother’s Halifax, we presented each chef with a mini-fridge of foodstuffs commonly found tucked away in the dark cupboards and cavernous refrigerators of the average university student. Here’s what they made.

What’s on the menu?

Peanut butter
Sriracha hot sauce
Frozen waffles

Instant ramen
Ranch dressing
Cheese puffs

Frozen french fries
Energy drink